Weaving Expertise


Shahtaj weaves fabrics based on our customers’ fabric constructions and per their quality requirements. Our fabrics are customized to your needs. Our investment in the latest weaving looms ensures that we at Shahtaj can weave special fabrics. These fabrics can be woven in widths ranging from 47 inches to 128 inches in greige with both tucked or leno (fringe) selvedges. We offer plain and dobby designs up to 16 frames.

In addition, our investment in upgrading the technical knowledge of our employees allows us to run difficult constructions at high efficiencies. We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers’ design and product development teams to develop new products for their markets.

Our expertise in flexible manufacturing schedules allows us to make short production runs. We also provide weavings flexibility by offering the capability to weave with a wide range of yarns and fabric constructions, including some of the latest fibers available in the market.